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A Creative Journal
This is a creative writing, role-play, and graphics community for bashipforever and druinsanity. It will provide links to and host any writing, fan fiction, general thoughts from muses and ourselves, and graphics that we produce through the many voices in our heads.

1. Please don’t flame us. We’re mature adults and we expect to be treated as such. Any immaturity (besides ours and your general fangirliness) will be completely ignored so where is the payoff? We respect you and your opinions. Please respect us and ours. Thanks!

2. If you stumble onto this journal and are so inclined to want any of the graphics or enjoy a piece of fiction. Please remember to comment and/or credit. Commenting feeds the creative muse and crediting for graphics is just plain nice!

3. We do write for and role-play several muses in several different writing communities around Live Journal. If a comment is made in one of these journals and is not marked as OOC (Out of character) it will be answered by that muse.

4. Enjoy! We sincerely hope you do!

DISCLAIMER: Any of the fan fiction here in is owned by the writers and creators of that series. Our writing is just for fun. No copyright infringement is intended.

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