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CSI: LV Fic: Mistakes - Ch.15/?

Title: Mistakes – Chapter Fifteen
Author: druinsanity
Fandom: CSI: Las Vegas
Characters/Pairing: Gil, Catherine, Team
Rating: R for Casefile details
Disclaimer: I don't own them. It's just for fun.
Summary: Casefile

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“You know that there was dirt processed with each feather?”

Sitting in the passenger seat of the Tahoe, Gil watched the traffic as Nick drove them out to the crime scene. “Dirt. And?”

“Same chemical makeup for each sample.” Nick answered.

“That confirms our suspicions that both feathers are connected. They came from the same place.” Gil processed that information in silence for a few moments. “I think if we go by the lists we have eight possible suspects.”

“This guy is good. I mean come on, no trace? We have no DNA to work with.” Nick shook his head. “Can’t blame you for being stuck where you are.”

“He’s probably bald, shaves his body. He wears gloves. There’s never been DNA trace on the ropes.” Gil was speaking in part to Nick, but for the most part the words were just for himself. “He doesn’t kiss them. He wears a condom.”

“Yeah.” Nick nodded. “Like I said, this guy is good.”

They pulled into the parking lot of the Best Western and Gil narrowed his eyes. “This isn’t a Motel 6. All of the other scenes have been at a Motel 6.”

“So maybe he just changed his MO?” Nick parked the Tahoe close to Catherine and Jim. They exited the car and after grabbed their kits from the back.

“A Best Western?” Gil asked.

“Yeah.” Jim nodded, leading the group beneath the yellow tape towards the hotel room. “And that’s not the only difference. This one had an ID on her. Name’s Cynthia Cromwell. And she’s employed by a friend of yours.”

When Gill just waited for the continuation of the statement without actually voicing the question, Jim added. “IDK Your BFF LH.”

Nose wrinkling, Gil stopped in his tracks and looked to Jim. “What?”

Catherine was the one to answer. “It’s net speak. And he’s just messing with you. It means ‘I don’t know. Your best friend forever Lady Heather’.” She paused only a moment as everyone looked as her amusedly. “What? I have a teenaged daughter.”

“This is one of Lady Heather’s girls?” Nick asked.

“Heather doesn’t run her business anymore. She hasn’t for awhile. So she would formerly be one of her girls…” Gil glanced to the opened hotel room door. “In more ways than one.”

“I don’t really care.” Jim shook his head. “What I do know is that we’ve got another DB on our hands. The media is all over this.”

“This isn’t his MO.” Gil stated flatly. “If this is formerly one of Heather’s girls she’s not the kind of prostitute that our guy usually picks.”

Jim smirked. “There are kinds now?”

“No no… he’s right.” Nick countered. “This is a notch up.”

“A couple notches.” Catherine added. “Our killer usually goes for the street walkers who will do anything for a buck. This is a high-priced dominatrix.”

Gil walked towards the hotel room, getting his flashlight from his pocket. He switched it on just inside the door. In the chair, leather garments and a whip. On the bed the body was tied with rope and laid out much in the same fashion as the other victims. Blood spatter covered the walls, the headboard, the sheets, the nightstand… the entire nightstand.

“What do you think?” Nick asked from behind Gil.

“I think our killer has either escalated or we have an extremely sloppy copy cat.” Gil answered, flipping off his flashlight. “I’m willing to bet on the later.”


“Well you knew it was inevitable once the media got a hold of the case.” Jim let out a lingering sigh as he rubbed at his temples.

“I have Warrick and Greg working on the copy cat.” Gil assured him. “In the meantime, I’m going over my list of eight. There’s a Smith family that I’m leaning towards. The mother was a prostitute who worked out of her home. Bad neighborhood. CPS came in and took the children, two boys away. The mother got visitation with them until they were given homes to live in, Unfortunately they were separated instead of kept together.”

Jim leaned over, reading the computer screen over Gil’s shoulder as the other man spoke. “And you’re leaning towards them because?”

“The mother was found dead two years after the children were taken from her.” Gil scrolled down on the screen. “Stripped, tied to the bed, raped, and then stabbed to death. Her killer was never found.”

“How old were the boys when they were taken out of the home?”

“Nine and eleven… so they were well over the age to retain vivid memories of her lifestyle.” Gil reasoned. “And their age is also more than likely why they were split up. The little ones are easier to get adopted. With the older ones it’s…”

“Unfair.” Jim completed the thought in his own blunt manner. The blunt didn’t make it any less true though. “Any idea where these kids ended up?”

“According to their CPS files, Lebron Smith, the older brother was adopted by a family in Summerland. And the younger… Marlon Smith was adopted by a family in downtown Vegas and turned up missing three months after his adoption.” Gil answered.

Jim nodded slowly. “So we got the younger brother who’s MIA and the older brother to track down. Sounds like one of them won out and got the better deal. Lebron Smith?”

“No one wins at this kind of game, Jim. Wait…” Gil pulled up another screen as the computer made a beeping sound. “Marlon Smith is in the system.”

“You’re kidding.” Jim leaned back down to eye the screen. “Are you telling me we finally got a break in this case?”

Gil glanced back to Jim and nodded. “We may have just gotten lucky. We can hope so anyway.”

Jim’s eyes narrowed as an arrest picture showed up on the computer screen. “Wait a minute… that’s-“

“Getit.” The name was spoken with a certain punctuation that Gil only used when he knew he had found a link to something.

“The pimp.” Jim nodded. “But he’s been detained for weeks. He didn’t commit these other murders.”

“No he didn’t. But he might know who did.” Gil answered, standing up and grabbing his coat. “You prepare him for interrogation and try to find information on the brother, Lebron.”

“And what are you gonna do?”

“Let me know when you’re ready. I have a lunch date.” Gil answered.

“A lunch date… in the middle of a case?” Jim asked. “With who?”

Gil cast Jim a barely there smile on his way out of his office. “IDK my BFF LH?”
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