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CSI: Las Vegas Fic: Mistakes - Ch.13/?

Title: Mistakes – Chapter Thirteen
Author: druinsanity
Fandom: CSI: Las Vegas
Characters/Pairing: Gil, Catherine, Team
Rating: R for Casefile details
Disclaimer: I don't own them. It's just for fun.
Summary: Casefile

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As with his initial arrival at most crime scenes, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. From Gil’s perspective he worked better when he slowed everything down to virtually magnify every detail in his mind. It was as if they were all in a tunnel filled with water to hinder every movement and echo every word.

Getting through the myriad of reporters that had gathered in front of the hospital had been a feat in itself. They were like vultures and while at times they were necessary and useful, this was not one of those times. Walking through the familiar sterilized hallways of the hospital, every face mimicked Jim’s. Gil, ever the observer of humankind, noted them all with a heavy weight on his shoulders that seemed to only increase with each passing minute. There was a distinct cocktail of shock, horror, anger, fear, and confusion stagnating in the air, especially with the arrival of the crime scene investigators who would process the death scene for one of their own.

As they rounded the corner the first sign of the tragedy was apparent in the sight of one blue pants leg extending into the hallway from ICU Room 2A, obviously the fallen officers’ leg. Just as he caught a glimpse of the body, his gaze lifted as he caught the tail end of a nurse speaking with Detective O’Reiley.

“It all happened so fast… everyone was busy with an influx of criticals from the tour bus crash on the opposite end… he was there… and…”

He shifted back out of the conversation when he noticed the blood on the nurse’s forehead. “Catherine, process the nurse before she does anything else.”

Silently, Catherine looked in the direction of the nurse and nodded before moving in towards her. She set her kit down and began inspecting the wound.

Gil stopped at the door to room 2A and took in the scene before him. The officer down in a pool of blood, obviously bleeding out from the stab wounds in his gut and chest. It was a sad scene all by itself without the lifeless body in the hospital bed.

Jim drew a quick breath and glanced up to the ceiling then back down to the body, emotion clearly overtaking him as he tried to fight it back. “Officer James Wilson. Guy has a wife and four kids…” He pressed his lips together and shook his head at the scene.

There were indeed signs of struggle, the curtains to the room pulled down and a small metal table on wheels overturned. The officer’s weapon… Gil’s gaze floated over the room. “Jim? Where’s his gun?” But then he noted Carrie, body in disarray on the hospital bed as if she too had put up what little fight she could. One bullet shot to the forehead. The death had been quick.

“Son of a bitch…” Jim cursed, and then emitted a heavy sigh. “I’ll check with the nurse to see if he left with the weapon.”

As Jim stepped away he was replaced with Doc Robbins, the Medical Examiner arriving with walking stick in one hand and his kit in the other. “Shame. I knew James’s father well. We used to play poker on Saturday nights. He was so proud of his son in Police Academy. David will be here soon. I interrupted a family gathering, I think.”

Gil watched the M.E. walk into the room to set down his own kit next to the hospital bed. It was several moments before he set down his own kit and lifted the camera out of it. He began to snap pictures of the room, documenting everything down to the smallest detail. He took stock of everything both out of place and in place alike. By the time he felt that he had documented everything photographically, David was hunched over the body of Officer Wilson and Doc was finishing up with Carrie.

Now it was time for the closer inspection. With LCD flashlight and tweezers, he moved to the body on the floor and squatted down to take it all in under closer scrutiny.

“Nurse Kane was sitting at the desk when she heard the scuffle in the room and noted on the monitors that Carrie’s heart rate had increased significantly.” Catherine explained as she entered the room. “The shot to Carrie’s head had just been fired and Officer Wilson was on the floor bleeding out when she got into the room.”

Gil looked up to Catherine, head canted sideways to see her from his position on the floor. “And the wound on her forehead.”

“The attacker hit her in the head with the barrel of the gun in his escape. I took samples and trace.”

“Did she see his face?” At Gil’s second question, Catherine pursed her lips and shook her head, looking down to the body of Officer Wilson on the ground.

He hadn’t expected an affirmative so Gil wasn’t surprised. The normal person wouldn’t notice such details, not in midst of such a chaotic event. An ill prepared nurse running into a room with two victims and one attacker would most likely produce an accurate testament to the events that had transpired.

“Let me guess…” Gil looked back to the fallen officer, flipping on his flashlight again. “She was overwhelmed and overtaken.”

“According to her, she was distracted by the dying patient and officer. The man threw himself at her, she fought back, and in the process he pushed her and hit her with the barrel of the pistol.” Catherine explained. “I bagged her scrubs in case there’s trace and gathered trace from her person.”

“Check surveillance and…”

Catherine looked down to her supervisor who had suddenly gone quiet. “And?” She watched him reach for something with a pair of tweezers. “Grissom?”

Gil slowly lifted the metal tweezers to study the blood soaked object. “Feather by feather the goose is plucked…”

Catherine leaned over, eyes narrowed as she eyed the small hint of blue glistening through the blood. “Oh don’t tell me that’s another blue parrot feather.”

“Do you want me to lie?” Gil asked, glancing back up to his colleague. With the look she gave him he shrugged and slipped the feather into a small bag sealed with yellow tape so that he could get the evidence back to the lab. “This? Would be a blue parrot feather. And I think our killer has just given us an affirmative that the feather is a valid piece of evidence that deserves our attention. We were mistaken.”

“You mean I was mistaken. You wanted to go with the feather all along.” Catherine stood upright again and took the bagged feather from Gil.

Flipping on his flashlight again, Gil returned to his close inspection of the deceased. “There are many paths to the top of the mountain, Catherine. But the view from the top is always the same.”
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