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CSI:LV Fic: Mistakes - Ch.11/?

Title: Mistakes – Chapter Eleven
Author: druinsanity
Fandom: CSI: Las Vegas
Characters/Pairing: Gil, Catherine, Team
Rating: R for Casefile details
Disclaimer: I don't own them. It's just for fun.
Summary: Casefile

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Sitting at his desk, Gil calmly looked from one list to the other. Elbow on the surface of the desk, his chin was propped into one hand while the fingers of the other hand tapped out a rhythm over the paperwork. He hadn’t realized how long he had been quiet until Catherine broke the silence.

“How can you be so calm about this? We’re back at nothing.” Catherine sat opposite Gil’s desk, slumped in the chair and overtly disappointed at the lack of a match between the two lists and vicariously at her supervisor.

After a slow inhale and exhale of breath, Gil stopped the nervous tap of his fingers. “We’re not at nothing. We have two lists of names; one of people who have purchased the scaly headed parrot in the last two years and one of domestic violence cases over the last thirty years involving parents and children.”

“And none of the names match.” Each word was over enunciated and punctuated to showcase her aggravation as she stated the obvious. “This is getting ridiculous.”

“It isn’t ridiculous, Catherine. We have cases that set forth difficult puzzles all the time. This one just feels as if it has added pressure because it’s a serial.” Gil had to continue to look at it through the sharp layer of logic or it would bother him just as it was Catherine. Emotions in a case like this often impaired judgment. If and when he was honest about it, he knew from experience that emotions in any case impaired judgment… for him at least.

And as per usual, the annoyance at what seemed like detachment from Gil was evident on Catherine’s features. “And again, I ask how you can stay so calm in all of this? Are you even on this case with me?”

“We’re on the same page, Catherine. We’re just looking at it through different eyes.” Gil corrected her assumption. “Which isn’t always a bad thing. It presents different angles which in a case like this can bring multiple possibilities to the table.”

He leaned forward, both elbows on his desktop and steepled his fingers at his lips as he mentally cycled through the evidence at hand. “Catching this guy isn’t going to be as easy as names on a paper. We know that much now.”

“You think this was easy?” When Gil’s gaze snapped to Catherine, her features softened as she silently apologized for her sarcastic tone. She knew that with Gil she could push pretty far, farther than others even as their friendship went so far back. Gil had been there with her through her ex-husband and so much more. But there was a point where she knew she needed to back off, and that look was too close for comfort to that point. “Alright so what do we do now?”

“We answer the unanswered. Our evidence or lack thereof is getting us nowhere. So we examine the possibilities.” Gil looked back down to the lists on his desk. “What if he has more than one name? What if he changed his name at some point in his life? What if he has alias’s?”

“Alias’s.” Catherine nodded, eyes lighting up again as Gil gave her new direction in midst of the defeat of the lists. “Maybe we should check the lists for priors. That’s the only way we’ll find an alias through the system.”

Gil agreed with a slow nod. “And it’s a good place to start again.”

Catherine stood up, smoothing out her top and slacks. “I’ll work on that. Something to do at least.” She paused at the door to his office, one hand on the jam. “Don’t you just love working with me?” She still felt the need to smooth things over.

Slipping on his glasses, Gil looked up to meet Catherine’s gaze. What might have been a smile ghosted over his lips and through his eyes before it disappeared again. “There’s most definitely a lack of dull moments where you’re concerned.”

“Yeah. I’ll take that as a compliment since I know how much you hate dull.” She grinned and moved out into the hallway.

There was barely time for him to decide his next course of action before Jim interrupted him. Idly he thought he should learn to close his office door if he actually wanted to get anything done. Nevertheless, he looked up to the detective expectantly, hands folded over his desk.

“Sketch artist put together several composites from the victim’s description. But our guy says that none of them can be accurate enough to put out over the news. If we could get Carrie to talk a little more to help out, maybe.” Jim explained, plopping down in the same chair Catherine had just been sitting in. “So what are you doing?”

“I can’t seem to get anything done. The sheriff keeps calling me. Catherine keeps yelling at me. And now you… the bearer of more bad news.” Gil answered bluntly.

Jim smirked. “Yeah, sorry about that.”

“One step forward, three steps back.” Gil sighed and shook his head. “A puzzle is in a sad state when the pieces don’t fit anymore and you’re down to working with possibilities instead of facts.”

“Bet it drives you crazy, doesn’t it? When the evidence doesn’t fit?” Jim asked, popping a stick of gum into his mouth.

“The evidence always fits, Jim. We just haven’t figured out the context to put it into yet.” Because in Gil’s world the evidence didn’t lie, it was factual, real and tangible. “So we’re down to ‘might have been’ and ‘what if’.”

“Your nightmare.” Jim nodded. “The world of hunches. Well let me take the opportunity to welcome you. It isn’t all bad. We have donuts and coffee. Everything’s written in Greek though.”

Amusement flickered over Gil’s features and disappeared again. “I’ve never been a fan of donuts… too sticky. Greek?”

“So we get the assorted and you pick one not so sticky. Think of the possibilities.” Jim offered around a small shrug. “You know, ‘It’s all Greek to me’, confusion?”

A light smirk escaped Gil as he looked back down to the papers on his desk; name after name. “I think I’ll stick with my own possibilities about the case.”

“In Nightmare Land. Got it.” The Detective nodded and stood up. “Keep me posted.”

Όταν ξέρω κάτι θα είστε οι πρώτοι για να ξέρετε.” At Jim’s confused stare, Gil translated. “When I know something you’ll be the first to know… aside from Catherine.”

“Let me guess… Greek?”

Gil lifted one shoulder in a half shrug. “When in Nightmare Land…”

“Do as Nightmare Lander’s do?” Jim nodded, amusement coloring his features as he started out of Gil’s office. “Smart ass.”
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