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CSI: Las Vegas Fic - Mistakes - Ch.12/?

Title: Mistakes – Chapter Twelve
Author: druinsanity
Fandom: CSI: Las Vegas
Characters/Pairing: Gil, Catherine, Team
Rating: R for Casefile details
Disclaimer: I don't own them. It's just for fun.
Summary: Casefile

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“Grissom knows Greek?” At Jim’s nod, Catherine’s eyebrows arched high in response to this new knowledge of a man she had known for years. Just when she thought she knew all that there was to know about her boss turned friend, he did something else outrageously unexpected. For so taciturn a man, he had far too many layers for anyone to ever truly know everything. “How come we didn’t know this?”

The Detective was cut off by a voice behind them and they both turned, caught speaking about the man red-handed. “There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.” Gil leaned against the door jam to the break room and eyed them both from over the top rim of his glasses. “One can’t do anything about the length of one’s life. But one can do something about its’ width and depth.”

“Oh, that’s right. Gil Grissom: the eternal mystery.” Catherine teased, lips curving into a small grin.

One corner of Gil’s lips lifted just barely as he dipped his head in a slight nod. “In and of himself.”

“It’s like a poorly written Dateline episode.” Jim smirked lightly, popping a piece of gum in his mouth as his shoulders lifted with a small shrug. “Hey, I’d watch it.”

“So would I, if just to figure him out. So where are we at?” Catherine prompted, gaze dropping to the stack of papers in Gil’s hand.

“In the break room.” Gil deadpanned.

Jim’s eyebrows lifted in amusement as he wadded up the wrapper of the burger he had just eaten. “He jokes.” He tossed the wrapped to the trash bin smiling when it landed inside.

Gil lightly waggled the papers in his hands before speaking. “Alias’s. Out of both lists, forty names are in the system as either alias’s themselves or as an individual who has a recorded alias.”

“Forty.” The word from his colleague held a heavy weight with it.

He tilted his head, considering the number for a moment before he spoke as if completing the sentence she hadn’t. “…Is better than every name on both lists and/or better than nothing?”

Jim shot an index finger in Gil’s direction and looked at Catherine. “You know, I think he’s got you on that one.” The Detective rocked back and forth on his heels. “Well, I’ll let you two sift through the forty. You know how I like to just come around for the interrogating and investigating part.”

“Or the break room part.” Gil added, one hand waving out to indicate the room they were currently occupying.

“Too tedious for you?” Catherine asked. “Forget Dateline, we’re more like an old sitcom. You’re the wacky neighbor that only comes around when there’s food coming out of the oven.”

The Detective chuckled and nodded. “A man has to eat, right? And you both know how I was really good at delegation when I was boss of CSI. I did that for a reason… hated the legwork. Gil’s the schmuck who actually likes the puzzle.” His cell phone rang and he fished it out of his coat pocket as he stepped away from the two CSI’s.

“Would you like to join the schmuck when you’re done eating?” Gil offered Catherine quietly as Jim passed by him to move out into the hallway. “We can go over the lists and check off the names that don’t fit our killer. We’ll make a list of known facts that we have and go through the names to compare.”

“Are you kidding?” The red-head stood, wiping her mouth with a paper napkin before tossing the rest of her lunch in the waste bin. “We have lists. There’s more comparing. I’m done eating.”

“We’re all done. Grab your kits and meet me out front.”

Both CSI’s turned to look questioningly at Jim’s interruption. “What’s going on?”

“Officer down at the hospital. We have a DB in ICU 2A.” Jim explained, looking a mixture of grim and angry.

Catherine’s features smoothed over into shock around the realization of what that meant. “Carrie?” Their only witness was dead. But then the other two words Jim had said hit her like a rock. “Officer down?”

Jim granted a simple nod at that. “He killed one of my men. We’re putting this bastard behind bars.”

Wordlessly Gil began to make his way towards his office in retrieval of his coat and his kit. It crossed his mind that it shouldn’t make a difference whether the man had killed a hooker or a cop, but deep down it hit them all when something like this happened. These were officers that he worked with, saw at several crime scenes every week. They were men and women who put their lives on the line everyday for people who didn’t appreciate them or care about them… at least not until they needed them. He could and would pretend that every case was the same, as he so often did. But when he was honest about it, they weren’t. Some most definitely hit closer to home than others.

When he had said that the killer would be angry with them for the disruption with his last attempt at murder, he had been underestimating him. The man had to be furious about their interruption of his methods with Carrie’s attempted murder to escalate to killing in a busy hospital, to killing a uniformed police officer. And now that his methods had been disrupted, there was no telling whether the madman would return to his old ways or whether they now had a rogue killer on their hands.

One thing was for certain. There was no way that this would be kept out of the news. The public would now be privy to information that had thus far been kept under wraps. Their jobs had just become a little more difficult. The press would be all over this. The story would be escalated. Panic would set in. And this man had just brought down the full wrath of the LVPD on top of him. It was a fact that left Gil stuck in one of the worst positions this job forced him into on the rare occasion… mediator in the seemingly impartial middle ground.
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